BEE: App for Book Exchange

Book Exchange Easy is an online app platform for sharing books.

This app allows you to share books online with readers you don’t necessarily know.

The book rental app brings readers together who have a similar liking for a genre of books.

Our motive is to boost the habit of reading and spread the word for all to enter the magical world of books, As books force you to slow down and see the world through the eyes of your mind.

The app is becoming one of the best places to sell books.

We understand how disconcerting it is to meet a stranger and exchange books.

But now with this easy book exchange app with most viable features like chat, secure book, and payment transactions, we make your BEE App experience smooth.

So, lose yourselves in books app, because that’s where you will find yourself too!

  • Like, Share the bee app
  • Chat feature in bee app
  • Meetup to exchange book with bee app
  • Easy earning at bee app
  • Feedback and Rating in Bee App

Salient Features

Choice of Membership: It is a platform to lend, borrow, or sell books online with a free or premium membership.

Connect with the like-minded crowd: Follow the people with similar book interests and create your circle of book-lovers.

Feedback Rating: Each time you receive a book, you can leave a rating for the book and the lender.

Online Local Library: The experience only gets better as you can “Hunt for books” in your neighbourhood.

Buy/Sell: Why borrow when you can buy it too. For the ones looking to buy/sell their old books at a discount, this is the place.

Meetup: You can mutually decide to meet up at locations with your lender/borrower to exchange books.

Like, comment, Share: Got an opinion for the book? Put it on the feed.

Earn while you Share: At easy book exchange app, goodness actually pays. The lender can put up their own reasonable price they wish to charge for a day, week or month.

Chat Feaure : Connect with your lender/borrower with our chatting options. Your privacy is thus maintained without sharing any other personal contact details.


A Versatile App to Lend & Borrow Books

The BEE online book exchange app is available on both the Google Play Store. Best Place Buy/Sell old books online. This is an amazing app to rent your books online.

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